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Elementor Pro Sticky Header-Version 1 - Flexbox Layout

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This version is ideal for creating a beautiful and functional Elementor sticky header for any type of websites that uses Elementor Flexbox layout.

See ESHOS-Flexbox v1 demo 

And don't worry, we've also created separate versions for the websites that uses Elementor’s default section/column layout.

Get the Elementor Sticky Header [Section/Column version] (ESHOS-SC-V2)

And if you want to buy both versions together, you can get them for a limited time for $9.99 only.


  • Based on the Elementor's Flexbox layout.
  • Fully customizable design options to match your brand's aesthetic.
  • 100% responsive on all devices, including tablets and mobile.
  • Get 2 variations of this version: Variation1:with Solid colored background and Variation2: Glass morphism background, details are described in the next section.
  • Both variations include floating animated menu labels, to draw attention to specific menus resulting in an increased click-through rate.
  • Eye-catching hover animations to enhance user engagement.
  • Easy to use and beginner-friendly, with a comprehensive step-by-step YouTube video tutorial for new users.

What you will get?
You will get a zip file containing two variations of Elementor Pro Sticky Header- Flexbox Version ➊ & a Read-me PDF.⮯

Elementor Pro Sticky Header- Flexbox Version [ESHOS-FB-V1]":
⚡ Variation-1: ESHOS-FB-CB-V1: The first variation features a transparent sticky header that seamlessly transitions into a solid-colored header with a shadow effect when scrolling or hovering over the menu with a submenu. It also includes a smooth animation to enhance the overall visual experience.
⚡ Variation-2: ESHOS-FB-GM-V1: The second variation retains all the features of the first one, except for the background. Instead of a solid-colored background, it showcases a trendy semi-transparent glass morphism background. This gives it a modern and sleek appearance when scrolling or interacting with menus that have submenus.


  1. Elementor with pro license, Grab It​

How to install

  1. Download the zip file containing the sticky header template and extract it to a location on your computer.
  2. Log in to your WordPress dashboard and ensure that both the Elementor Pro and Elementor Free version plugins are installed.
  3. Go to the Elementor settings and switch to the advanced tab. Enable the "unfiltered file uploads" setting.
  4. In the same settings, switch to the features tab and activate the "Flexbox Container layout" feature.
  5. Go to the "Templates" tab and click on the "Theme Builder" option.
  6. Click on the Menu with the label "Header" and then click on "download icon" located in the top right corner of the window, this will prompt a window to appear.
  7. Now, click on the “Select file” button, then locate the folder where the zip file was extracted and select the variation of JSON template file whichever you need.
  8. Once the template is successfully imported, then a pop-up will appear on your screen. Next, close the pop-up and click on the "Header" tab in the theme builder window. You will find the newly imported header in the list.
  9. Now, set the display conditions and make it live on our website.
  10. Next, follow my tutorial to customize the newly imported header.

Important Links:

  1. Elementor Pro Sticky Header-Version 1 & 2 - Flexbox + Section/Column - Bundle
  2. Elementor Pro Sticky Header : [Section/Column-Version] - ESHOS-SC-V2
  3. YouTube Tutorial
  4. YouTube Channel Link
  5. My website Link
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You'll get two variations of ready-made "Elementor pro Sticky Header V1- Flexbox" template ideal for creating a beautiful and functional Elementor sticky header for any website that uses flexbox layout.

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Elementor Pro Sticky Header-Version 1 - Flexbox Layout

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